Substitute Evaluation Bill

Sponsored by LHS Student-Faculty Senate, passed on in 1990

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At least once during the school year, a substitute shall be evaluated following a substitution day. The evaluation will consist of a report from the classes the substitute taught in the form of a responsive questionnaire, and a report from the absent teacher as to how well the substitute fulfilled the teacher’s plans. Upon completion, these documents will be forwarded to the office of the principal for review. This information shall be used as a basis for the continuing employment of that particular substitute.

The Senate recommends that permanent substitutes, or those who are hired on a regular basis by the system, also be evaluated by an assistant principal at least once a year.

Rationale The current system of reviewing substitutes calls for a teacher who is unhappy with a substitute’s performance to report it to the main office.This system will compel students and teachers to evaluate a substitute in a more complete fashion. It is the hope of the Senate that this bill will improve the process for hiring quality substitutes.