Anti-Litter Bill

Sponsored by LHS Student-Faculty Senate, passed on in 1987

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Whereas, litter detracts from the physical appearance of Lexington High School and demands unnecessary expenditure of time and energy on the part of the custodial staff; and whereas, litter further suggests disrespect for the educational mission of the high school;

Therefore, the student-faculty Senate urges every member of the high school community to strive to keep the high school litter-free.

The Senate requests the assistant principal for student affairs, in conjunction with the assistant principal for buildings and facilities and the Senate school climate committee, to organize an anti-litter campaign and to recommend to the senate a program that in the future would substantially reduce this litter. The Senate requests that the assistant principal for student affairs report back to the Senate within three Senate meetings on his plans for an anti-litter campaign and the process of the anti-litter program.