► Climate Committee
The School Climate Committee works to maintain a healthy atmosphere at Lexington High School. It writes bills and initiates projects to improve the physical appearance and emotional comfort of the school. It is responsible for polling students periodically according to the Public Opinion Bill.

► Community Service Committee

► Oversight Committee
At the first meeting of the newly created Senate Oversight Committee on April 8, 1992, the members of the Oversight Committee established the following guidelines as to what its responsibilities should be.

The Senate Oversight Committee will:

  • Research all previous actions of the LHS Senate since its inception.
  • Compile a list of all bills and resolutions passed by the Senate since its inception.
  • Evaluate all passed bills as to their current viability and relevance.
  • Recommend to the full Senate any passed bills that the committee believes should be rescinded or amended because they are either no longer operable, relevant or desired.
  • Bring to the attention of the high school administration any passed bulls that are not being enforced adequately.
  • When necessary, the committee will work with the administration in developing strategies for implementing and enforcing bills. However, the committee does recognize that enforcement of school policies is primarily the responsibility of the high school administration.
  • Periodically remind the administration when certain passed bills that are time related need to be called to the attention of other members of the high school community, or need to be enforced.
  • Ask for appropriate action by the Lexington School Committee when the Senate has determined that the administration is not enforcing a passed bill after the administration has been reminded of its duty and been given a reasonable amount of time in which to comply.
  • The Oversight Committee maintains the Senate website.

► Policy Committee
The Policy Committee drafts and considers bills that relate to the governance of the school as a whole and the policy of the Senate in particular. It has broad legislative jurisdiction within the powers of the Senate.

► Social Action Committee
The Social Action Committee is concerned primarily with student activism and relations between LHS and the surrounding community. It monitors the community service program as mandated by the Revised Community Service Bill and enforces volunteerism through the Class Service Project Bill.