A list of all bills passed by Senate.

Revised Senate Attendance Bill

Technology Board Bill

Senate Bench Proposal

Resolution on Religious Respect

Voter Registration Drive

Extended Homeroom Bill

Homeroom Visit Bill

Substitute Teacher Testing Resolution

Class Council Community Service Bill

Open Campus Bill

Community Service Improvement Bill

Represenation Bill

Ad-Hoc Cafeteria Advisory Committee

Lunch Duration Bill

Snowstorm Resolution

Cafeteria Advisory Board Bill

Teacher Computers Resolution

Notification of Tardiness Resolution

Discussion Efficiency Resolution

Arts and Humanities Fundraising Access Bill

New Senator Orientation Bill

Smoking Corner Bill

Popularity Police Bill

Transcript Bill

Poster Bill

Resolution on Community Service

Voting Records Bill

FirstClass Acceptable Use Committee Formation Act

Homeroom Announcements Bill

Bill Billboard Bill

Honor Code Reporting And Awareness Bill

Committee Attendance Reporting Bill

Letter to the Minuteman regarding the override

Senate Resolution on Approved Bills

Senate Resolution on Recent Senior Pranks

Student Announcement Bill

Report Card Bill

Lexington High School Honor Code

Attendance Bill

Outdoor Eating Bill

Parking Bill

High School Add Drop Policy Bill

Course Selection Bill

Repeal of Substitute Evaluation Bill (See 6-90)

Revised Special Senate Day Bill

Bills List Bill

Revisions Bill

Election Reform Bill

Junior Substitute Bill

Closing Outdoor Eating Area Bill

Proctoring Bill

School Rules Bill

Referendum Bill

Search and Seizure Bill

Homeroom Announcement Bill

Non-Senator Minutes Bill

Special Senate Day Bill

Community Service Program Revision Bill

Condom Availablility Program Committee Bill

Senior Final Exam Bill

Freshmen Assembly Bill

Attendance Bill

Revised Community Service Bill

Snack Bar Resolution

The Attendance Bill

The Freshman Assembly Bill

The Condom Bill

Green Volunteers Bill

Enforcement Resolution

Oversight Committee Bill

Public Opinion Bill

Attendance Bill

Flag Salute Bill

Substitute Bill

Poster Bill

Enforcement resolution

Substitute Evaluation Bill

Revised Substitute Bill

Outdoor Eating Area Bill

Mandatory Assembly Bill

Issues-Based Election Bill

Constitutional Amendment

Snow Day Resolution

Decisions regarding school cancellations will be based on the latest weather information, road conditions in neighboring towns, and the Department of Public Works' assurance of cleared roads, sidewalks, and school parking lots.

Sense of the Senate

Graduation Bill

Book Collection Bill

Homeroom Announcement Bill

Student Schedule Bill

Class Service Project Bill

Poster Bill

Eighth Grade Senate Bill

Aluminum Can Recycling Bill

The "Educated Voter Bill"

Board of Appeals

Quadrangle Bill

Substitute Parking Lot Bill

Parliamentarian Bill

Mr. George Southwick will be appointed as the Senate Parliamentarian for one year.

Anti-Litter Bill

Skate boarding bill

Outdoor Eating Bill

Community Service Bill

Final Exam Bill

The final examination grade for each course shall appear on the final report card of the year.

Study Hall Bill