Constitutional Amendment

Sponsored by LHS Student-Faculty Senate, passed on in 1990

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Revised Senate Attendance Bill

The LHS Constitution was amended so that Article VIII, Section 3 shall have the following language added to it under new sections B and C:

B. The activities listed below shall be allowed to take place during X-Block, provided that these activities are not held exclusively during X-Block, and that no student shall be excluded from an activity because of his/her involvement in the LHS Senate. Students and faculty who are not members of the LHS Senate shall also be free to attend Senate meetings at any time in lieu of club meetings or other activities without penalty. Allowed Activities:

Tutoring sessions, make-up work, make-up tests or quizzes. Extra-curricular clubs, activities and organizations. Other activities arranged by administrators, faculty members or students C. The activities below shall not be allowed during X-Block under any circumstances

Required athletic practices or games Required musical rehearsals or presentations Required exams, contests, debates, or other academic competitions Required staff meetings or other professional obligations