Revised Community Service Bill

Sponsored by LHS Student-Faculty Senate, passed on in 1992

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Each student will be required to perform twenty hours of approved community service during his/her four years at Lexington High School. Community service will be required of each student for graduation. Students will be expected to complete ten hours of community service by the beginning of their junior year. If students have not completed ten hours by this time, their privilege of open campus will be withheld until they do so. If a student arrives midway through the four years of his/her high school career (junior year), the student will be expected to complete ten hours of community service. After the first quarter of senior year, any new arrival to the high school will have the community service requirement waived. All students will be provided with a list of approved volunteer opportunities compiled by the Social Action Committee of the Senate when they enter the high school. The list will include types of activities that are suitable as well as the names and phone numbers of organizations at which they can volunteer. This list will be periodically updated by the social action committee. Lists of suitable community service will also be available in the offices of all house secretaries, building administrators and guidance counselors. Lists will also be accessible in the Student Activities Center, the library and the Career Center. Any activity for which one is paid or one receives accreditation for another service organization will not be considered valid for the community service requirement. In addition, activities such as personnel services and working in school offices will not be considered community service. If the student wishes to do an activity that is not on the approved list, he/she must submit a description of the proposed activity to the Social Action Committee of the Senate. Two student members and one faculty member of the Social Action Committee will meet weekly to review questionable activities. Upon finishing an approved service activity, students will be required to complete a form which must be formally verified by the sponsor activity. This form will then be submitted by the student to his/her guidance counselor who will then credit the hour(s) toward the student’s community service requirement. In the event that an activity is not on the official list but is approved beforehand by the Social Action Committee, the committee will forward that approval to the student’s guidance counselor. The Revised Community Service Bill will go into effect in September, 1993. No student shall be required to adhere to the above criteria for community service hours performed by September, 1993. Item two will go into effect starting with the class of 1997.