Transcript Bill

Sponsored by LHS Student-Faculty Senate, passed on in 2008

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Revised Senate Attendance Bill

On student transcripts the number of hours of community service completed will no longer be recorded. Instead transcripts will read “Community Service graduation requirement completed: yes/no” indicating whether the student has completed the required hours of community service.


  1. The community service requirement states a minimum number of hours of service. The school has no basis for evaluating whether more hours represent better or more socially useful service. Students should not be encouraged to add more and more hours to their transcripts simply because the transcript records these hours.
  2. Students who perform the minimal number of hours should not be made to look inferior to those who have performed more than the minimum hours, yet admission officers may draw this conclusion in comparing students from this high school.
  3. Students who feel that their service is extraordinary can tell this to admissions officers in their application process.