Arts and Humanities Fundraising Access Bill

Sponsored by LHS Student-Faculty Senate, passed on September 17, 2010

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To allow for more access to fundraising opportunities, the Arts and Humanities Hallway will be available for after-school fundraising activities (i.e. bake sales, etc) as follows: I. Student organizations will comply with the fundraising policy in the Student/Parent handbook and the District Activities Manual: “All fund-raising activities…involving students, individual classes or school-connected organizations, for whatever purpose, must be discussed fully with a Dean and advisor of the organizations before they begin.” II. All other student organizations may schedule no more than one after-school fundraiser per week and will submit requests for fundraiser spots at least one week in advance and no more than four weeks in advance. III. To promote accessibility, student organizations that have scheduled fewer prior fundraisers that year will have priority.

Rationale: As reported in the Social Action Committee’s Fundraising Opportunity Report for 2009-2010, a small handful of clubs account for a majority of the fundraisers. Currently, it is difficult for some groups to schedule fundraisers mid-way through the school year due to certain groups scheduling fundraisers months in advance. This bill intends to formalize the process of scheduling fundraisers in the arts and humanities hallway. Article II promotes easier access for groups that want to start fundraising midway through the year. Article III will prevent excessive ‘monopolizing” of fundraising spots.