Resolution on Religious Respect

Sponsored by LHS Student-Faculty Senate, passed on in 2014

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Lexington is an increasingly multicultural diverse community. LHS should respect the diversity of religious and cultural traditions of all students.

  1. The administration should provide to faculty and the community at large a comprehensive list of major holiday observed by the world’s religions and/or cultures.
  2. Teachers should accommodate students on any major religious or cultural holiday.
  3. Students are strongly advised to tell teachers in advance of upcoming religious or cultural observances, including any not mentioned on the list, to get work in advance, reschedule assessments, etc.

Rationale: LHS students observe many cultural and religious traditions that should be respected by the entire community. While it is impossible for the school to close for every observance students and teachers should be respectful of holidays. Many schools, both high schools and universities, provide a list to faculty of major holidays