Student Announcement Bill

Sponsored by LHS Student-Faculty Senate, passed on in 2002

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Extended announcements of school related activities and events will be presented over the public address system by student announcers each week during home room periods.

Important and time-crucial announcements may still be read in the morning at the beginning of school. Prospective announcers shall audition before, and be chosen by, the Senate Communications Committee.


  1. Communications about upcoming school activities and events at Lexington High School have reached an all-time low.

  2. Home room periods this year have generally proven to be wasted time for students and staff alike.

  3. In the interest of brevity, current morning announcements often omit informing students and staff of important school related activities and events. In addition, the announcements still unfairly encroach upon first block classes.

  4. Lexington High School ha s long and colorful tradition of student reading announcements over the PA system. (Future student announcers should be encouraged to add some levity and even humor to the announcements.)