Senate Resolution on Recent Senior Pranks

Sponsored by LHS Student-Faculty Senate, passed on in 2002

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We, the Lexington High School Student-Faculty Senate, deplore the recent series of senior pranks that have been perpetrated upon the Lexington High School community and specifically upon the privacy of our principal, Dr. Van Seasholes. We understand that there has been a long tradition of senior practical jokes each spring before graduation, but we find this year’s actions to be extremely mean spirited. We are particularly upset at those which were directed against Dr. Seasholes seemingly as a result of his taking the necessary disciplinary action to punish the perpetrators of the pranks at the high school. Although the actions of a few should not reflect upon the upstanding behavior of most students at LHS, we believe that the recent pranks cross a serious line and ultimately reflect badly upon the student body as a whole at Lexington High School. Therefore, this resolution is intended to publicly condemn the actions of those students involved.