Senate Resolution on Approved Bills

Sponsored by LHS Student-Faculty Senate, passed on in 2002

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It shall be the responsibility of the Senate Communications Committee in conjunction with the Senate Executive Committee to inform all members of the Lexington High School community when a bill has been passed by the Senate and either approved or not disapproved by the Principal. It will likewise be the responsibility of these committees to inform the school community when a bill passed by the Senate has been reinstituted over a principal’s disapproval. Full text of such passed bills (with or without the rationale) will be read over the announcements and posted on the bulletin board in the main hall within ten days of its passage. In addition, full text and rationale of each passed bill will be e-mailed via the school-wide server to all staff members within ten days of its passage. In addition, each constituency shall be informed as to exactly when said bill shall officially become school policy.


  1. Although the Senate Secretary posts Senate meeting minutes on the school e-mail system not all staff members or students read these.

  2. The Senate cannot and should not rely solely on the administration to inform members of the school community when a passed bill has instituted or changed a school policy.

  3. It will be much easier to enforce a policy change made by the Senate if everyone in the school community is informed of such changes in a timely fashion.

  4. Some policy changes made by the Senate have never been fully enforced due to lack of information about those changes.