Cafeteria Advisory Board Bill

Sponsored by LHS Student-Faculty Senate, passed on Jauary 5, 2011

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The Student-Faculty Senate hereby creates a Student Cafeteria Advisory Board. The board will consist of two students per grade. It is required to meet once a quarter with any additional meeting at the board’s discretion. The committee will create its mission statement and will be required to report back to the Student-Faculty Senate annually. The head of the high school’s food service will serve as advisor.

Rationale: A cafeteria advisory committee is in the best interest of the food provider and the students. Because students are the customers of the food provider, the food provider can expect increased business as a result of increased student input. Students gain from having a greater voice of cafeteria matters, as the committee will facilitate improvements of the dining experience of students. Having the advisory committee as an elected body ensures that its spots will be filled and that its members will take their positions seriously.